About Us
Merlynn Real Estate Partners is a Baltimore-based real estate development and investment management firm, that focuses on value-add, opportunistic and community-driven commercial real estate investments. We invest in naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) and affordable housing development with the use of federal and state tax credits.
Commercial real estate is an exceptional investment strategy to diversify your portfolio, reduce tax liabilities, generate income streams and wealth-creating equity.
Here are six reasons to invest in income-producing commercial real estate:
Cash Flow
An income-producing asset that generates profit at closing
Forced Appreciation
Increased equity from capital improvements and operational revenue growth
Market Appreciation
Organic increases in equity as a result of local market demand drivers
Cost Segregation
A powerful tax deduction strategy that reduces tax liabilities by accelerating the normal depreciation schedule of real estate
Attractive debt financing that yields a positive return on investment
Commercial real estate is a phenomenal hedge against inflation and is historically less volatile than the stock market
Core Foundation
Our track record of acquiring, repositioning, stabilizing and maximizing the intrinsic value of underperforming or mismanaged commercial real estate assets is our strong suit. We passionately revitalize distressed spaces, and turn them into productive use.
We strive to reshape neighborhoods, support local communities and develop economic engines through strategic private investments and impactful public-private partnerships.
We are dedicated to transparency, fairness and integrity in the communities we serve and our investment partners.
Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil
Managing Principal
Sam Henry
Managing Partner