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Key Questions To Ask When Performing Due Diligence On Your Deal Sponsorship Team

Not every deal is worth an investment. Establish a baseline for both effective decision making and sound investing with these key questions.

Three Best Practices For Asset Management Success

Asset Management requires an experienced manager to effectively optimize the operation, value, and returns of a real estate investment.

8 Ways To Accumulate Wealth Through Multi-family Real Estate Investing

Multi-family investing is a powerful investment strategy with a multitude of ways to generate passive income.

Want Long-Term Wealth? Why You Need To Skip Single-Family Investing and Switch To Multi-Family

Should you invest in single-family or multi-family properties? We will outline why multi-family investing is a far more superior investment.

Drastically Decrease Your Tax Liability With Depreciation and Cost Segregation

The wealthiest people in America tend to have one thing in common. They own real estate and use depreciation to reduce their tax liability.