Real Estate Investing 101

Single Family vs Multifamily

This article examines the pros and cons of both single-family and multifamily real estate investments.

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Multi-Family vs. The Stock Market

A battle of two asset classes. Read our comparison of multi-family real estate investing and stock market investing.

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10 Key Multifamily Real Estate Terms For Passive Investors

Here are 10 multi-family real estate terms that are essential for investors to understand when evaluating passive investment opportunities.

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How To Create An All-Star Team For Any Multi-Family Syndication Deal

An overview of the key team members that we work with to successfully syndicate and operate multi-family properties.

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Drastically Decrease Your Tax Liability With Depreciation and Cost Segregation

The wealthiest people in America tend to have one thing in common. They own real estate and use depreciation to reduce their tax liability.

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Want Long-Term Wealth? Why You Need To Skip Single-Family Investing and Switch To Multi-Family

Should you invest in single-family or multi-family properties? We will outline why multi-family investing is a far more superior investment.

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8 Ways To Accumulate Wealth Through Multi-family Real Estate Investing

Multi-family investing is a powerful investment strategy with a multitude of ways to generate passive income.

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Key Questions To Ask When Performing Due Diligence On Your Deal Sponsorship Team

Not every deal is worth an investment. Establish a baseline for both effective decision making and sound investing with these key questions.

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Multi-family: Non-Recourse Debt

Every investment involves risk. Investing in multifamily real estate is no exception. The ability to use leverage when purchasing real estate is one of the most powerful attributes of this asset class. However, leverage is a double-edged sword. It can both increase and decrease risk. Fortunately, the added risk can be mitigated and one of the greatest tools for doing so is non-recourse debt.

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The Risks of Multifamily Investments

Even though multifamily real estate is one of the safer asset classes to invest in, like any investment, there are still risks involved. The current market conditions, the property management team, the condition of the building itself, and certain financial aspects of the investment can all have a huge impact on the success of your investment.

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