Financial Freedom

The Cash Flow Quadrant: The Case for The Right Side

One of Robert Kiyosaki’s fundamental concepts, the CASHFLOW Quadrant, does a great job of illustrating the different ways people think about and receive income. The “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author divides people into four categories – employees (E) and self-employed individuals (S) who are on the left side of the quadrant, and business owners (B) and investors (I) who are on the right side.

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How to Turn a High Income Into Wealth

Are you a high income earner looking to build wealth? We will discuss the importance of having a written financial plan, saving your income, balancing your portfolio, and more.

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Is Your Self-Directed IRA Working Hard Enough?

Your IRA’s job is to work on your behalf to create income and capital gains that help secure your financial future. Is yours working hard enough? In this article we explore how investing in real estate through a self-directed IRA leads to a higher ROI compared to the volatility of financial markets.

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